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Enrollment Procedures

Please do not hesitate to fill out your school’s information and sign this form. Please email the form to or fax it to 203-724-1536. Our national office or nearest Local Coordinator will work to find host families in your area and wonderful students for your school.

High School Enrollment

The high school is notified when a host family under consideration has been selected for hosting a foreign exchange student enrolled in the Academic Year in America program. Specific student placement information is provided to the school at this time, and an enrollment form is completed. 

The Local Coordinator meets with the high school principal or designated person in the school or school district to get to know each other and to introduce the Academic Year in America program. Local Coordinators work with high schools to confirm placements year round.

 At the meeting the Local Coordinator and Administration complete the high school enrollment form and a profile of the high school and discuss the high school's policies and enrollment procedures.  This profile is sent to the selected international student and natural parents before the student arrives in the United States.

 High schools determine the appropriate grade level for each student, based on their school policy and the student's academic history. AYA can assist in evaluating records at the school's request.

 AYA values its partnerships with high schools. We understand the pressures and demands high school administrators face daily, and our goal is to ensure a positive experience for all involved.

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