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About AYA Local Coordinators  /International Education Coordinators

If you are a passionate and gregarious individual interested in learning about new cultures and looking to supplement your income within your community, explore our contracted Local Coordinator (LC) position with Academic Year in America (AYA)!
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What Will You Do?

As a Local Coordinator with AYA, you will develop a volunteer host family cluster and foster relationships with area high schools, facilitate host family and student relationships and ensure that they adhere to program regulations. You will also serve as a mentor to international students, organize intercultural experiences in your community to help students integrate and actively promote AYA in your community.


As a Local Coordinator with AYA, you will identify, screen, interview and select safe and appropriate volunteer host families for AYA students; establish strong working relationships with high school administrators to facilitate student enrollment; and conduct orientation sessions for host families and students. The average number of students in a new community is four to eight; as you build referral networks among eligible families, your community may grow to include 10 to 15 students.


Additional responsibilities of the Local Coordinator include:

  • Ensuring that students are safe through monthly contact
  • Providing support for students, host families and high schools throughout the AYA program year or semester
  • Reassigning students to new host families within the same community and high school when necessary
  • Networking and generating international student host family referrals and school placement through attending community events, using social media and especially communicating face-to-face with families and high school administrators
  • Administer host family and student orientations
  • Submitting required paperwork on time, including online monthly reports


As a Local Coordinator with AYA, you must be able to work independently and effectively from home and you must truly enjoy working with teenagers. You will have exceptional networking, organizational and problem solving skills. You should be energetic, open-minded and passionate about cultural exchange and international education. You must have strong communication skills and complete all paperwork on time.

Additional requirements for the Local Coordinator include:

  • Minimum 25 years of age
  • Pass a background check
  • Reliable transportation and access to a personal computer and the Internet
  • Ability to provide interim room and board for students in case of emergencies
  • Ability to complete the AYA training program, U.S. State Department certification and annual training courses
  • Strong computer skills required; social media literacy preferred
  • Ability to objectively assess families to determine suitability for the AYA program
  • Ability to communicate to host families the value of the AYA program and build strong referral networks
  • College degree highly preferred
  • Experience in intercultural exchange, education, social work, family counseling and/or working with teenagers preferred
  • Connections with the educational community preferred
  • Community volunteering experience a plus

The Benefits of Being an AYA Local Coordinator

The Local Coordinator position is a rewarding contracted position with AYA. As an LC, your many benefits will include:

    • Extensive training on marketing, community outreach and mediation
    • The opportunity to grow and develop professionally in an exciting environment
    • Certification by the U.S. Department of State, a professional credential
    • Payment for each full year international student you place and supervise
    • International and domestic travel opportunities (Recent travel locations include Florence, Prague, Buenos Aires, Athens, Munich and Rio de Janeiro!)
    • 24/7 support by the AYA national office
    • Additional special incentives

The AYA Advantage

AYA shares America with the world by bringing foreign exchange students to the United States to live with American families and attend American high schools. You will find that as a Local Coordinator you play a key role in fostering a positive relationship between the U.S. and our international neighbors. The AYA team is there to help you every step of the way.



You will receive full support from AYA. Local Coordinators are backed by a professional staff in our AYA National Office located in Stamford, Connecticut. Support includes 24-hour emergency assistance, a toll-free telephone number and the expertise of our many years in intercultural educational exchange.

Your Regional Director, along with the AYA Field Staff Administrator, will provide you with the tools and ideas necessary to be effective. You will also receive state-of-the-art print and website promotional tools to support you in your work.

AYA International Education Coordinator / Local Coordinator Application

AYA is looking for like-minded individuals to join our team. Becoming a Local Coordinator is a rewarding opportunity to build your personal and professional network by providing support to international students, host families and your own community.

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Support High School Exchange as a Local Coordinator

Becoming a Local Coordinator with Academic Year in America is a great way to support exchange student programs and bring the benefits of cultural education and diversity to your hometown. As a Local Coordinator, you become a vital resource to your community and successful foreign exchange programs as you assist the students, families and community organizations that will gain so much from hosting an international exchange student.

By hosting an exchange student, it has given me the power to help with bridging the gap between our culture and others. It may seem small, but it has taught me that even just one person can make a difference.

—Host Family

AYA National Meeting

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