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November 2018



  • Host an International Exchange Student in January 2019!
  • 7 Simple Ways to Learn About a Different Culture
  • 3 Ways Cultural Exchange Programs are Changing the World
  • Why Host with AYA?
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Host an International Exchange Student in January 2019!

We still have students arriving this January, available for placement! If you didn't get a chance to host a student for the fall semester, now's your chance – welcome an international high school student into your home this winter and beyond!

Choosing a student now has many benefits:

  • Start building a relationship with your student early on
  • Get students enrolled in school before slots fill up
  • Have something to look forward to all year!

Contact our office today or log in to view available students arriving this January!

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7 Simple Ways to Learn About a Different Culture

Interested in learning about a different part of the world – but not sure how to do so? Here are 7 of our top tips towards learning about a different culture.

1. Learn the Language
The first step towards learning about a different culture is learning the native language. Even other countries that speak English have unique phrases and connotations!

2. Get Festive for the Holidays
Every culture celebrates holidays differently. Whether you’re an AYA host family, Local Coordinator, or an international exchange student, getting festive for the next holiday is a fun trick for discovering different customs.

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3 Ways Cultural Exchange Programs are Changing the World

As the world becomes smaller as a result of technology, learning about other cultures becomes so much more important. That’s why cultural exchange programs like AYA are essential. How exactly do these programs make an impact, though? There are countless ways… but we’ve simplified the list.

Here are 3 ways cultural exchange programs help to change the world.

1. They Embrace Diversity
Cultural exchange programs embrace diversity – and, by doing so, foster love and understanding. Programs like AYA celebrate how big and diverse our world is. 

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Why Host with AYA?

AYA provides American families with an exciting opportunity to engage in cultural exchange by bringing foreign students to the United States to live with host families and attend high school. Although there are other high school exchange organizations, we would like you to know why we believe families should choose AYA.

Your choice of student
Unlike some organizations, AYA allows you the opportunity to choose a carefully screened student who will best fit your family.

Lifelong friendships
Build a bridge with another culture and start a lifelong friendship with the student and his/her family. Meet new people in your community: your Local Coordinator, teachers and other host families.

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