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April 2019



  • Living Like a Local: Tanzanian Exchange Student Makes Maple Syrup with New York Host Family
  • Exchange Students Shatter Stereotypes, Pave Path Towards Peace in North Carolina
  • How Hosting an Exchange Student Makes You Fall in Love with the World
  • Why Host a Student with AYA?
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Choose Your Student Now – Our August 2019 Students are Here!

Welcome an international high school student into your home this fall! AYA is currently accepting host family applications for the 2019/2020 academic year.

Choosing a student now has many benefits:

  • Start building a relationship with your student early on
  • Get students enrolled in school before slots fill up
  • Have something to look forward to all year!

Contact our office today or log in to view available students arriving in 2019!

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Living Like a Local: Tanzanian Exchange Student Makes Maple Syrup with New York Host Family

Abdul, an exchange student from Tanzania, had an exciting afternoon recently as he learned how to make maple syrup in New York! His host mom, Christie, shares:

“Our exchange son Abdul was interested in learning how maple syrup was made. We took him to a family member’s sugar house so he could get a hands-on experience of how it all worked. He learned how the sap comes out of the trees and how they use a tractor to go around and collect all of the sap and then they put it all in a big holding tank...

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How Hosting an Exchange Student Makes You Fall in Love with the World

By increasing cultural understanding and decreasing negative perceptions, hosting an exchange student helps host families fall in love with the world.

Today, technology connects us in unprecedented ways. While it once took days for news to travel across the world, today it takes only seconds. Unfortunately, a lot of the time the news that travels globally can be negative. With bad news and stereotypes spreading rapidly, it’s easy for people’s perceptions of different cultures to be clouded. With that said, experiencing a different culture firsthand is the only way to truly understand it – and hosting an exchange student with Academic Year in America (AYA) can help.

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Why Host a Student with AYA?

Hosting a student from a foreign country is an opportunity to enrich your life! Each year, AYA host families:

  • Build memories and friendships to last a lifetime
  • Bring the world into their homes and to enrich the lives of their families
  • Share the culture of America with a student from another country
  • Learn about another culture from a new "son" or "daughter"
  • Make a difference by breaking down barriers and opening lines of communication with others around the world

You’ll be surprised by how much you will learn about yourself, your family, your community and the wonderful world around you!

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