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The Benefits of Being an AYA Local Coordinator

The Local Coordinator position is a rewarding contracted position with AYA. As an LC, your many benefits will include:

    • Extensive training on marketing, community outreach and mediation
    • The opportunity to grow and develop professionally in an exciting environment
    • Certification by the U.S. Department of State, a professional credential
    • Payment for each full year international student you place and supervise
    • International and domestic travel opportunities (Recent travel locations include Florence, Prague, Buenos Aires, Athens, Munich and Rio de Janeiro!)
    • 24/7 support by the AYA national office
    • Additional special incentives

The AYA Advantage

AYA shares America with the world by bringing foreign exchange students to the United States to live with American families and attend American high schools. You will find that as a Local Coordinator you play a key role in fostering a positive relationship between the U.S. and our international neighbors. The AYA team is there to help you every step of the way.



You will receive full support from AYA. Local Coordinators are backed by a professional staff in our AYA National Office located in Stamford, Connecticut. Support includes 24-hour emergency assistance, a toll-free telephone number and the expertise of our many years in intercultural educational exchange.

Your Regional Director, along with the AYA Field Staff Administrator, will provide you with the tools and ideas necessary to be effective. You will also receive state-of-the-art print and website promotional tools to support you in your work.

AYA National Meeting

Cartagena, Columbia, November 7th - 11th, 2024

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Academic Year in America Local Coordinators

In addition to specialized training and the opportunity to expand your social circles and professional network, the benefits of becoming a Local Coordinator with Academic Year in America include adding value to your community through service. You’ll play an important role in the success of high school exchange. Without Local Coordinators, exchange student programs fail to meet government requirements and the U.S. loses a vital component of international education in our communities.

I met a lot of nice people at my high school … School in America is a lot different than school in Germany. One of the things I like is the close relationship between teacher and student. I also enjoy the big variety of classes you can take. My time as an exchange student is giving me a lot of different experiences. I am learning and growing daily and improving my English is just one part of it. I appreciate the chance to do all this.

—Jana from Germany