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Recognizing Local Coordinators

Dina, South Carolina

Each quarter a staff member from the AYA national office nominates a Local Coordinator for ‘LC of the Quarter’. This quarter Dina Berg from South Carolina was nominated by Michael Falvey, Grants Regional Director.

Dina has been with AYA as a Local Coordinator since 2008 and is a wonderful advocate for our program. Check out what Michael had to say about Dina. “I am very excited and honored to announce Dina Berg as LC of the Quarter! I have worked with Dina this past year, during my first full year with the Grants program. I am truly amazed at her dedication, hard work, and energy, but especially the FUN that Dina puts into this program...”

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AYA gives its students the opportunity to nominate their LC at any time during their program for recognition and reward as LC of the Month. Students email AYA with their heartwarming nominations, including some wonderful stories about the great things LCs do, the ways LCs make them feel special, and activities they enjoyed. A committee from AYA reviews the submissions each month and selects one winner each month who receives a shout out here on the AYA website.

Jennifer, Illinois

Jennifer joined AYA two years ago with a passion to work in the greater education community. She also had the experience of meeting international exchange students while she attended high school and it was an experience she would never forget! Now she is able to share this wonderful experience with her own community as a Local Coordinator.

"Jennifer is an amazing coordinator and a wonderful person! Each time we meet we have so much fun together and I get to share with her all the new and exciting experiences I’m having here in Illinois. Recently, she organized a dinner with my host family,..."

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