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AYA monitors each student’s school performance and quarterly grades. AYA students are advised that they are subject to the same academic and social rules as their American classmates. Teachers and guidance counselors are asked to contact the Local Coordinator and host family immediately if any problems arise.

AYA students, like American students, are responsible for school fees and other incidental expenses. Prior to the student’s arrival in the U.S., students are informed about their financial responsibilities. Students are informed that schools and school districts are not expected to provide any financial assistance or benefits. Program participants bring money for any expenses they will incur such as school trips, the yearbook or prom.

In addition to academic guidelines, students are obligated to sign a copy of AYA rules prior to their arrival in the United States. All students receive a handbook detailing AYA rules and disciplinary procedures during orientation in the United States. Students are expected to follow all AYA rules and behavioral guidelines. If the student does not comply they will face disciplinary action. Any disciplinary action is considered serious and the Disciplinary Committee will implement a reprimand.

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