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Exceptional 24-hour Support

AYA offers ongoing support to AYA host families and their foreign exchange students during all stages of their cultural exchange experience.

AYA has an excellent network of trained Local Coordinators who serve as the main point of contact for host families, students and schools. Local Coordinators are men and women of all ages and from all walks of life: teachers, retirees, professionals and stay at home moms and dads. They are trained and prepared to monitor your match over the course of the year, they are supported by the staff in the AYA office and submit reports regularly to the office.

A dedicated staff headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut provides support for students, families, Local Coordinators and schools. They are a caring, dedicated team of professionals working long hours to ensure that all involved receive excellent support and access to AYA’s comprehensive resources.

Round-the-clock resources include a toll free number for 24-hour emergency telephone service.


Help students become part of your family and a new culture
to encourage international understanding.


Why host an international exchange student?

Hosting a student from a foreign country is an opportunity to enrich your life! Each year, hundreds of American families choose to host a teenager from another country to:

  • Build memories and friendships to last a lifetime
  • Bring the world into their homes and to enrich the lives of their families
  • Share the culture of America with a student from another country
  • Learn about another culture from a new ‘son’ or ‘daughter’
  • Make a difference by breaking down barriers and opening lines of communication with others around the world

When you host a high school student from another country, you’ll be surprised by how much you will learn about yourself, your family, your community and the wonderful world around you!

I am the 8th exchange student my family has hosted. They are so experienced and self-sacrificing all the time. They have treated me as their own child keeping my culture in view. I feel so much love in everything they do and enthusiasm that they always have no matter what. I am really thankful for their support throughout the year.

—Nora from Germany