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Your Classes

AYA monitors your school performance and quarterly grades. You are subject to the same academic and social rules as American students in the school. Teachers and guidance counselors are asked to contact your AYA Local Coordinator and host family immediately if problems arise.

To remain in good standing in the program, a student must enroll in an appropriate English language or literature course and an American Studies course, and maintain a "C" or better average in all classes.

Course Hours per week
English language/literature*
Physical sciences
Math (algebra, geometry, trigonometry)
History/social sciences*
Physical education (sports)
Electives (music, career skills)

* AYA requires its students to take at least four academic subjects, always including an English language/literature course and an American history/government course.

Students must request transcripts before they leave the United States. In some cases, schools may award you a certificate of attendance, or a diploma if you have completed all the necessary courses for graduation (and if they decide to accept courses you took in your home country school toward your diploma). The AYA program cannot guarantee diplomas or graduation.

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