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Your AYA Local Coordinator

Each AYA student has a Local Coordinator who can answer questions or help solve a problem and be a friend. AYA Local Coordinators may also arrange activities, trips and cultural events. Local Coordinators serve as community representatives for the Academic Year in America program.

AYA has a network of several hundred of these dedicated people throughout the United States. They are men and women of all ages – young teachers, retirees, professionals and homemakers. All share the deep belief in the value of cross-cultural exchange.

  • Screening, interviewing and selecting your host family.
  • Providing your host family with a pre-arrival orientation.
  • Liaising with the high school.
  • Supervising and supporting you and your family and visiting you monthly.
  • Submitting bi-monthly reports about your progress to the national office.
  • Providing emergency assistance to you and your family, should it ever be required.

Local Coordinators receive ongoing instruction and direction from the Academic Year in American's national office and attend annual training sessions.

Local Coordinators are but one part of the network of support AYA students enjoy.

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